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Topic Posted by: Greg Ercolano ( )
Organization: Cinema Graphics
Date Posted: Sat Mar 15 1:40:43 PST 1997
Topic Description: Renderman Related Information

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Posted by: Greg Ercolano ( )
Organization:Cinema Graphics
Date posted: Sat Mar 15 1:58:04 PST 1997
Subject: Renderman Availability
For those that have asked, we've been selling the Prman version of Shadetree since Oct 96, and is considered a 'stable release'.

Our resident RenderMan expert, Liza Keith ( can answer render specific questions with respect to ShadeTree, and Reid Baker ( and Greg Ercolano ( can answer questions regarding the ShadeTree interface.

A Mental Ray version of ShadeTree is still in progress. We are in alpha with potential customers currently, as of 3/14/97.

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