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Topic: Mental Ray

Topic Posted by: Greg Ercolano ( )
Organization: Cinema Graphics
Date Posted: Sat Mar 15 1:39:29 PST 1997
Topic Description: Mental Ray Related Questions

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Posted by: George Borshukov (gdb@mass-illusion.som )
Date posted: Thu Mar 19 10:45:44 PST 1998
Subject: mental ray alpha channel
In the mental ray shader I am writing I am setting the
alpha channel value when the image gets written as "rgba" "pic" the alpha channel doesn't contain the values I have set in my shader. Seems like the values are correct for certain parts of the output image. The incorrect values interestingly turn out to be equal to the red channel values of the output image?! Please help me!

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Posted by: palma patrick ( )
Organization:cnbdi - 3D school
Date posted: Sun Nov 30 7:24:19 PST 1997
Subject: shadetree
I want to know, when is "shadetree" going to work with windows NT Softimage 3D.

JBFri Feb 27 7:22:35 PST 1998

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Posted by:jason thomson ( )
Organization:nu-media research
Date posted: Sun Sep 21 6:42:32 PDT 1997
Subject: mental ray
we know that you have announced shadetree for Alpha, will you support intel+windows NT and please give rough shipping dates
Thanks Jason

Intel + Win NT ShadeTree
Reid BakerWed Sep 24 10:05:07 PDT 1997

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Posted by: Benny Kluk ( )
Organization:Animados S.A de C.V.
Date posted: Fri Aug 15 14:37:43 PDT 1997
Subject: how could i get shadertree for softimage
We are a company who need to create fur for a teddy bear that can suport shape animation i saw your software and i want it

Mental Ray - Fur Displacement Shader
Reid BakerWed Sep 24 10:43:40 PDT 1997

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Posted by: Greg Ercolano
Organization:Cinema Graphics
Date posted: Sat Mar 15 2:03:59 PST 1997
Subject: Mental Ray Status
We have textures, materials and displacements working.
Trying to get mi file generation perfected, so that we supply a fully flexible programming interface to the user.

Also, trying to figure out how to simplify Mental Ray programming into a collection of high level boxes.

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