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Topic: Mental Ray

Topic Posted by: Greg Ercolano ( )
Organization: Cinema Graphics
Date Posted: Sat Mar 15 1:39:29 PST 1997
Topic Description: Mental Ray Related Questions

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Original Message:

Posted by: Greg Ercolano ( )
Organization:Cinema Graphics
Date posted: Sat Mar 15 1:47:04 PST 1997
Subject: Mental Ray Beta

We are now in beta with Animal Logic (as of 03/15/97).
Mental Ray is a tough renderer to support; few people
as yet are experts with it, and because the spec is so
'wide open', we're spending much time trying to figure out
what's the best way to simplify it, without restricting

Are there any Mental Ray experts out there? We'd like to
hear from you.

Either respond here in the forum, or directly by email


Subject: How could i got the mentalray?
Reply Posted by: Pascal Jeong ( )
Organization: Hook
Date Posted: Wed May 14 1:53:39 PDT 1997
Dear Cinema Graphics This is Pascal Jeong. I am a visual effects supervisor in hook and we has been to 3D animation, video editing, all of special effects for commercial films in seoul. We have a so many programs based on the Macintosh and Silicongraphics.We could make a animation by softimage on SGI. I thouht, It's very powerful program because those included a mentalray. But those it uncomfortable tools that all of makes effects connected by programming tool. But we are beginner about programming tools and only designers group in the company. Anyway we will try to demo version and then we can also have to get the ShadeTree. Could you send me the detail informations for mentalray? I will wait for your mail. Best Regards Pacal jeong

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