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Topic: Mental Ray

Topic Posted by: Greg Ercolano ( )
Organization: Cinema Graphics
Date Posted: Sat Mar 15 1:39:29 PST 1997
Topic Description: Mental Ray Related Questions

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Original Message:

Posted by: Benny Kluk ( )
Organization:Animados S.A de C.V.
Date posted: Fri Aug 15 14:37:43 PDT 1997
Subject: how could i get shadertree for softimage
We are a company who need to create fur for a teddy bear that can suport shape animation i saw your software and i want it


Subject: Mental Ray - Fur Displacement Shader
Reply Posted by: Reid Baker ( )
Organization: Cinema Graphics, Inc.
Date Posted: Wed Sep 24 10:43:40 PDT 1997
Displacement shaders are supported by mental ray. However Softimage supports only displacement shaders that are based on texture maps. ShadeTree can make a fur shader but the displacement is based on a fractal pattern generator. Therefore the fur displacement shader must be added manually by editing the .mi scene file.

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