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Topic: ShadeTree Version 1.0.30

Topic Posted by: Reid Baker ( )
Organization: Cinema Graphics, Inc.
Date Posted: Wed Apr 15 22:07:13 PDT 1998
Topic Description: Please post questions or comments on our latest software release.

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Posted by: Reid Baker ( )
Organization:Cinema Graphics, Inc.
Date posted: Wed Apr 15 22:42:04 PDT 1998
Subject: New Release
The current release of ShadeTree is v1.0.30 (3/25/98)

In this release we have added new features and enhanced
the existing toolset.

New in this release:

Overall Enhancements
> Added HSV color editor
> Added "pick colors off the screen" mode
> Bring up a single slider with "Double Click" on button
> Visual indicator for shader arguments

New For RenderMan
> Updated support for RenderMan v3.7.x
> Support for message passing between shaders
> Support for new point and normal datatypes
> Support for matrix datatype
> New string functions for concat, format, and match
> Added support for array mathematics
> Added support for generic datatypes
> Added support for User Defined Arrays
> New component boxes
> New printf and spline boxes
> Added support for smokyatmos shader function

New for Mental Ray
> Added support for Softimage v3.7 SP1
> Updated support for Mental Ray v1.9.11


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