DisplaceTex Box

picture of MR DisplaceTex box

The DisplaceTex box takes the TAG output from the soft_color_2D box and allows the user to control how the displacement will be affected by the map.

Here's a description of all of the input buttons for this box:

	TAG  is the map pointer from the Texture Shader.
	MODE is the mapping method: 0 = orthographic projection
				    1 = spherical projection	    
				    2 = cylindrical projection
	COMP is which component of the map to use: 1 = alpha 
						   2 = intensity
	MAG  is the magnitude of the displacement.
The x against the outside of the button means these buttons cannot accept inputs. They are constant settings and as such cannot become procedually set variables. These inputs also cannot become arguments to the shader for the same reason. You will notice they are greyed out in the Argument Editor.

The output is DIS the DisTex pointer from the Texture Shader for the soft_displace box.